Just bury yourself in a haystack and go to sleep! When recollecting summer evenings, the first thing that comes to our minds is the smell of newly scythed hay. Carefreeness and nights spent under the stars. We miss the summer relaxation so much that we decided to bring at least a semblance of summer adventure into your bedrooms. A private haystack for home use is an extraordinary bed linen. The feeling of sleeping in straw or hay is so realistic that you can’t believe that the straw isn’t prickling your skin. Allergy sufferers will be also delighted since the HAYKA straw doesn’t cause any allergic problems. The photorealistic print made by means of the state of the art printing machines is durable and, what is more important, free of any harmful substances, which is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate. The bed linen is manufactured entirely in Poland.
The haystack bed linen is a perfect weeding or birthday gift. Additionally, every design has hidden creatures and objects. A needle is an absolute must! There are also mice, ladybird, beetle. Check on your own what else can be found in the haystack!