"King of Clubs" - poster 50x70 cm

Limited edition of 33 pieces, paper Munken Pure 200g & Arctic Ivory 200g, numbered and signed.
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King of Clubs characterise as wise, honorable and very intuitive person, who works hard and partying even harder.

Author: Dawid Majgat
Is a ambasador of Republic ¥ and his main goal is to propagate culture of Republic ¥, by the visual art. That's why his specialisation is painting, illustration, printmaking, design, street art and modern forms of comunication. He is constant monster maker, worshipper of organic hand gesture, expression, colour and form as international language. He create projects full of absurd, alluding to every day life, present and past history, pop-culture, folk-culture, video games, cartoons and tribal culture.
He was born in Gorzów Wielkopolski in 1990r. where he graduated highschool of art, then master studies of graphic design and printmaking, with litographic specialisation under supervision of prof. Piotr Gojowy and dr. Tomasz Barczyk in Faculty of Fine Art in Toruń, Poland. Where he was awarded with medal of Tymon Niesiołowski for the best artistic master dyplom of 2015 for project "Ebola River Flows". Now he create and live in Warsaw.

majgat.com / facebook.com/majgat / instagram.com/majgat
PROJECT: Dawid Majgat

FORMAT: 50x70 cm

PAPER: high quality white Munken Pure 220g paper