NORTHERN SKY bed linen - double set

northern sky / 1 x duvet cover / 2 x pillowcase
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How many times have you craned your neck and stared at the stars with your eyes full of admiration? There are so many of them! They have been there for ages. As if glued, there are always in the same place. They give us a sense of safety, because despite all our human problems, they are still there. They shine of safety, because despite all our human problems, they are still there. They shine and arrange into constellations every night. It is beyond comprehension how small we are in this whole cosmic company. That why glancing at the sky is so absorbing! Particularly in summer when nights are warm and "falling stars" every now and then illuminate the sky.

The stars that you will find on our bed linen are the constellations of the Northern Sky. How many of them do you know and which of them will you be able to recognize? There is Orion whit his cosmic belt, beautiful Cassiopeia, the North Star, just next to it, and the Little Bear. The constellations of Dragon, Lynx, Giraffe. Perhaps it will be easier with a little help of a sky map that we add to every bed linen set. Thanks to the map, you can check what fragment of the sky belongs to you.

The bed linen is made of a high-quality cotton satin which is both durable and soft in touch. The product is in 100% Polish: from design, fabric and print to packaging. The photorealistic print gives an extraordinary effect, and searching for creatures and objects hidden in hay is enjoyable both for adults and children. 


Double Set 
1 duvet cover + 2 pillowcases

If you need smaller duvet cover sizes, please check: Northern Sky - single set. You will find there sizes such as: 135x200cm, 140x200cm, 140x220cm, 150x200cm.

If dimensions of your duvet or pillow are other than sizes suggested on our web page, please write to us at and we will make for you your own special bed linen! 

Fabric:  100% cotton satin with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate

Print:  photographic

Motif:  northern sky

Fastening:  duvet covers and pillowcases: hidden zip fastener