BEACH - fitted sheet

made of soft 100% cotton jersey knit fabric, printed with baltic beach motif
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BEACH SAND - fitted sheet

A comfortable mattress is the basis for good sleep. We have for you a fitted sheet that will take you to a sandy, baltic beach! We have lost in sand blue crayons without which we cannot finish our drawing of sea waves. A women from the next towel has been looking for her wedding ring already for an hour. There were also some seashells, but we collected all of them... However, there are still many things in sand that you can find.

Thanks to the elastic rubber sewn into the corners of the sheet, the product will perfectly fit your mattress. The presented sizes reflect the dimensions of the mattress to be fitted with the sheet. Sheets have an additional 25 cm on every side that covers also the height of the mattress.

Fabric: 100% cotton, knit, 140g

Print: photographic

Motif: beach sand

Finish: elastic edging in the corners of the sheet