LYNX - a decent guy / cushion 45x45 cm

DYING BREED series. 5% from sales goes to endangered species!

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A long time ago, a mystical bond existed between man and animals. Our ancestors venerated extraordinary species, searching for support in their struggles with hardships and dangers of everyday life. Today the situation changed, and once awe-inspiring animals – wolfs, lynxes and brown bears – need our help. We’ve decided to give human totems to our beautiful endangered animals. In order to better present the fate of the dying breed, chosen patrons are types of men being on the verge of extinction. Sea Dog, Handyman and Gentleman.

5% from sales of the DYING BREED cushions goes to endangered species!


A decent guy should know a lot about everything. If he doesn’t…. you can always hire a handyman. Today you can’t find real handymen, or at least there are fewer and fewer – it was for sure noticed by those of you who tried to call one of them. It is a man with a French beret who will rescue us from any failure, leaving behind a moderate Armageddon. Lynx leads a life of a loner, which means that he has to handle adversities very skilfully. He hunts small and big animals, climbs trees and hides his prey from other predators. Survival handyman. 

size: 45x45 cm

fabric: 100% cotton

filling: polyester fibre balls (Amball®)

fastening: hidden zip

project: Dizeno Creative