STRAW - pillow filled with buckwheat hull - 50x30 cm

pillows providing a natural micro-massage
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natural micro-massage with sound effects


The history of mattresses and pillows with buckwheat hull is very long – it has more than two thousand years. Buckwheat hull has properties that, among others, prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew and mycelium.

For years it has been successfully used to prevent heart disease and tumours, it cleanses and improves immunity as well as enhances natural vitality of organisms. Products made of buckwheat hull are effective in the treatment of acute pain of spinal muscles and defects of cervical vertebrae.


Breath for body and bed 

Buckwheat hull is a valued material because of its antiallergic properties and air permeability. During sleep, the body excretes accumulated toxins and damp through the skin which are consequently absorbed by mattresses and pillows with synthetic filling. With time the accumulate damp may give off a choking smell if we do not air our pillows for a while. Buckwheat hull eliminates this problem since it does not absorb damp. Thousands of small hulls that fill the pillow move around when we change the position of our body allowing the pillow to remove the accumulated damp. 

Temperature under control

Another property of the buckwheat that is missing in traditional pillow fillings is the ability to maintain the neutral temperature of the filling.  A traditional pillow traps heat from the head. Some people do not like to sleep on warm pillows so they often flip them over, if the other side is not already warm. Pillows with buckwheat hull do not become warm so easily since their filling does not have a compact structure. The arched shape of the hull allows the pillow to “breathe” all the time. In the spaces between hulls there is air that absorbs the heat of our body and expels it outside the pillow. A buckwheat mattress that does not get warm also “breathes” in a similar manner.

Natural micro-massage

Mattresses and pillows filled with buckwheat hull are often bought for people whose health condition forces them to lie a lot.  The air permeability of buckwheat hull decreases the risk of developing bedsores. The convex shape of hulls makes buckwheat products night micro-masseuses. The hull moving under the weight of the body stimulates blood circulation, allowing for an additional aeration of the skin.

Many people wonder what it is like to sleep on a buckwheat pillow, which is rather not suitable for pillow fights because of its weight (traditional pillow weighs about 1 kg).

Keeping a buckwheat pillow clean does not differ from the cleaning method used in the case of traditional pillows. You can wash the pillowcase and the insert cover after emptying the hull. If you spill water over the pillow, you can dry buckwheat by putting it on a paper or other surface. Buckwheat itself should not be cleaned.

Pillows with buckwheat hull retain their properties for about 10 years. It is difficult to find a similar life-span among traditional pillows which we replace every several years. What is more, a buckwheat pillow rustles. It reminds of the sound of falling grains. Pure nature. 

The cover is fastened by means of a subtle hidden zip fastener. You can always take if off and wash it, best in the temperature of 40°C. 


Fabric: 100% cotton satin with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate

Print: photographic

Motif: straw

Fastening: hidden zip fastener

Dimensions: 50x30 cm

Filling: insert filled with buckwheat hull from Lavender Moods