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safety face mask made of two layers of 100% cotton / double-sided / with a filter pocket

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Stay safe

When celebrating the arrival of 2020, probably no one expected what it may actually bring. The coronavirus pandemic has in a dramatically quick manner changed our lives in every aspect. Uncertainty is the new norm, and the news from all over the world do not instil optimism.

Our business is still open and we are still working, taking all the necessary precautions. It means, among others, the use of cotton safety masks that we have made from our fabrics. Initially, masks were only for our own needs and for our closest friends and family. Then we have started to make safety masks pro bono for hospitals and paramedics to support them in the fight with the epidemic.

In our hometown, together with volunteers, we have made and donated more than 10 000 protective masks!

Support locally

Now also private individuals are asking us about them. That is why we have decided to add the cotton safety masks to our offer. We do admit that when the majority of big stores with which we cooperate is closed and all the wholesale orders suddenly stopped, the sale of protective masks may help us to survive these difficult times.

Currently, your every order is a huge support to us. And actually not only to us but to all the companies with which we cooperate. As you know we manufacture everything locally, so your orders help us to hold off the crisis the threat of which hangs over all of us.

We are all connected within one self-regulating system and we all would like to see the world getting back on track. We believe that everything will get back to normal soon and instead of worrying about the next day, we will be able to continue what we like the most – designing beautiful bedclothes.

Cotton two-layer protective mask

The masks that we have prepared for you are made in 100% of cotton sateen. The fabric is delicate and soft, which means it does not irritate the skin and is breathable. Every mask consists of two cotton layers. Between the layers, there is a pocket where you can insert an additional filter.

Because masks are cut out of various parts of the ALPINE MEADOW pattern, each mask is exceptional and unique. The elastic is made from round and flexible rubber in a sleeve. Each mask is reversible. One side features the collage and the other side is beige with small orange dots. The masks offered are reusable. After each use, you should machine wash your mask in 60 degrees.

Available sets: 1 psc or set of 5 psc

Fabric: 100% cotton sateen with Oeko Tex-Standard 100 certification

Basis weight: each fabric layer 135g / m2

Print: digital print with Oeko Tex-Standard 100 certification

Motif: we cut masks out of ALPINE MEADOW so every mask is unique

Size: universal, thanks to folds it is easy to adjust the mask to your face

Fastening: round elastic in sleeve

Additional filter inserted into the pocket is not included in the mask.

Our masks may to a great extent reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, but they do not protect you in 100%. Currently in many countries wearing a mask outdoors is obligatory.

100% designed and made in Poland EU