Aid for Ukraine!


UPDATE (23.03.2022):

Thanks to your orders, we managed to transfer PLN 1,500 to the account of the Szczecin branch of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland :) Thank you very much for taking part in the action and we are already preparing further aid actions.




When we planned our activities for March, none of us expected that our reality would change so dramatically within a few days. We were getting ready for the Women's Day promotion, and we know that some of you were waiting for it, too. However, it is difficult to celebrate in this way when our neighbours are experiencing a tragedy.

We can't be indifferent to the drama that is happening over the eastern border. We decided to postpone the promotion until a more appropriate time, we believe that you will understand it.

As part of our solidarity with Ukraine, we will transfer 10% of the amount of each order you place in our store on March 2-16 to the account of the Szczecin branch of the Union of Ukrainians in Poland, which is constantly working to help refugees and those who stayed in Ukraine.

As a thank you for your purchases during this period, we will be adding sets of bags from our less waste collection to each order over 350 PLN. We will pack them randomly, so the design you are going to find will be a surprise.

Sława Ukrajini!