naturally inspiring

Our products mean remarkable textiles which perfectly combine the function with the form, creating a story about forgotten times and places of natural leisure. Our products draw on tradition and nature, but thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies of textile printing, we propose something original and surprising.


The SUMMER collection is freedom, space, peace; marvel at the amazing interplay of colors. It is the horizon we look out to while watching the rising sun and the sound of the waves on the turquoise sea.

Gift card

We're happy when you give our products to your loved ones as presents. However, we also know that selecting the right bedlinen size is often a problem, especially when you're planning to surprise somebody. Or maybe you're not sure which design will be best for the person to whom you intend to give the present to?

London Design Fair 2023

We went to see one of the most important design events in Europe! London Design Fair 2023.

Less Waste

Have you already seen our LESS WASTE collection? We already have quite a few ideas! For a start, we have few products that make us very happy! We hope you will like them too.


Whatever we do, how we live, what we eat has a huge impact on our planet. We love nature, that's why we do everything to make the environmental footprint of our production as small as possible.

Wake up well!


A haystack, Baltic beach, stable straw or fragrant alpine meadow are places full of memories, moments of pure idleness, as well as evocative and very realistic fabric patterns.



Our bestsellers

The award-winning Straw, green Moss, or maybe the surprising collage of Liquid Memory. Which pattern suits you the most?


Bedlinen collection HAYKA® are our most recognizable and most often rewarded products. For its excellent design, the Straw bedlinen was awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2018 in categories Home Textiles and Home Accessories. Last year the same product received the European Product Design Award 2017.


A dining room is the heart of a home. A tablecloth with the Alpine Meadow print adds a natural atmosphere to every meal. Perhaps you will be able to have your meal accompanied by a butterfly or a tiny frog… on a meadow, everything is possible.


The collage designed by illustrator Aleksandra Morawiak is an amazing mixture of pictures and drawings. The design refers to the liquidity of memory and makes an incredible impression on the viewer thanks to its amazing composition of shapes and colours.

Our quality

FOONKA® stands for the highest quality products and sustainable design. We operate locally and the whole process, starting from the production of the best yarn through an extremely durable print on our fabrics up to sewing, all take place in Poland.


Winner of the German Design Award 2018, European Product Design Award 2017 and 2019, representative of European design at the EU Gateway fair in Seoul, Tent London, Oslo Design Fair, and the Meet My Project exhibition in Paris. Our products love to travel, and we along with them.


Quality control and the ability to personally supervise the production are the main reasons why we decided to manufacture our products entirely in Poland. Both the fabric and the print meet the stringent requirements of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, which is a world-famous safety mark in the textile industry.

When recollecting summer evenings, the first thing that comes to our minds is the smell of newly scythed hay. Carefreeness and nights spent under the stars. We miss the summer relaxation so much that we decided to bring at least a semblance of summer adventure into your homes. The photorealistic print made by means of the state of the art printing machines is durable and reflects every detail and shade of the pattern, which makes our fabrics so unique.

We believe that the trend referring to natural inspirations that we are currently observing is not a temporary and short-lived fad but a reaction to the natural needs of man. A starry night, a haystack or forest moss are actually not so easily accessible to people who lead a busy city life as you may think. Our products remind you of those places and situations which have been known to people for ages, that is why they meet with such an enthusiastic response, regardless of the age or cultural background of our clients.