STRAW bed linen - single set

straw / 1 x duvet cover / 1 x pillowcase


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Summer memories

A constant longing for summer, nights spent outdoors and the carefree feeling remembered from childhood led to the first and still reigning Foonka pattern.

It was Straw that won your hearts and became the beginning of a bedding adventure, inspired by the nature that surrounds us. It is still in demand and has not yet lost its status as your favourite pattern, although it has plenty of competition in our Hayka natural pattern collection.

Sunny, reminiscent of the fondest memories -Straw - will brighten up your bedroom on cloudy and cold days. It will give the room a warm and cosy atmosphere. This is a design for lovers of rustic spaces and those longing for the peace and freedom of a country holiday.


The creatures and objects hidden in the straw will delight older and younger bedding owners. Will you find a lost button or a mouse hiding among the stalks of straw?

Fabric: 100% cotton sateen certified with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Fastening: zip fastener

Pattern: straw

Single set: 1 x duvet cover / 1 x pillowcase

If dimensions of your duvet or pillow are other than sizes suggested on our web page, please write to us at and we will make for you your own special bed linen!


When we submitted Straw to the competition during the Wroclove Design Festival in 2013, we had no idea about printing on fabrics, sewing, and the bedding business. At that time, we had no idea that this whole straw adventure would develop into a company.

Over the years, Straw has gained recognition not only among our customers, but has also been appreciated in the world of design.

In 2017, Straw received gold in the Textiles category and silver in the Bedroom category at the European Product Design Award. In 2018, she received the prestigious German Design Award in the Home Textiles and Home Accessories categories.

Fabric and production

The product was made mainly with quality in mind. The fabric is 100% satin cotton weaved and printed in Łódź in compliance with the most stringent requirements of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate. It is soft and durable, and the photorealistic print renders every detail and shade remarkably accurate.

Behind our each design there is a different story, and each of them holds its own original surprises. Following the zero waste rule, we try to limit the amount of produced waste to the minimum. That is why every our product is cut out from the fabric randomly to save on scrap. It is extremely difficult to find two identical pillow cases or tablecloths with the same elements placed in the same spots.

100% designed and made in Poland EU