NORTHERN SKY - relaxation set / weighted eye mask & pillow

pillow and weighted eye mask filled with eco-friendly buckwheat husks, crafted with a less-waste approach using fabric scraps


IMPORTANT: Each pillowcase is different due to the fact that we cut them out from different places on the pattern. The location of the characteristic elements may differ from what you see in the photo.

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Relaxation set

The relaxation set consists of two pillows designed to help you unwind and find tranquility. Both are filled with eco-friendly buckwheat husks sourced from Polish fields. This natural solution offers relief from muscle pain, improves sleep quality, alleviates headaches, and promotes relaxation before bedtime.



Reduces stress and tension

Relaxes the face and eyes

Provides a gentle micro-massage for the neck

Emits a soothing, subtle rustling sound


Neck pillow dimensions: 30x18 cm

Eye mask dimensions: 25x15 cm

It's time to relax!

The weighted eye mask soothes tired muscles, relaxes the eyes, and reduces stress and tension. The neck pillow provides a gentle micro-massage, while the quiet rustling of the buckwheat husks inside it enhances relaxation.

Both pillows are crafted with a less-waste approach, utilizing fabric scraps leftover from our main production of bedding.

Find a peaceful spot where you can lie down and use both pillows. Relax your entire body, breathe deeply and calmly. Allow your thoughts to flow freely. This moment is exclusively for you.


Fabric: Pillowcase made of 100% satin cotton certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Buckwheat husk

For centuries, buckwheat husk has been used as fillings in mattresses, seats, and cushions. We are now focusing on what nature offers us more and more often, we are rediscovering the properties of plants, and we are looking for natural substitutes for various products.

Buckwheat husk is gaining popularity again. Pillows filled with it are one of your favorite products in our offer. No wonder - the properties of the buckwheat husk are fantastic.


Benefits of Buckwheat Filling

Comfort: Buckwheat husks, although firm, is also flexible and lightweight. They conform to the body's shape without distorting.

Health: Due to their properties, including anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory characteristics (tannins), pillows with buckwheat filling are an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. Additionally, buckwheat husks do not absorb moisture due to their structure.

Relaxation: The pleasant, quiet rustling sound created by the shifting husks promotes calmness and induces sleep. The pillow can also be chilled in the refrigerator or freezer and used as a compress for the eyes or forehead.

Care Instructions

The pillowcase is easily removable and can be machine washed at 40°C. If you want to refresh the pillow filling as well, empty the buckwheat husks into a container and wash the white cover (also at 40°C). Once the cover is dry, refill it with the buckwheat husks using the convenient zipper closure. You can also adjust the amount of buckwheat husks to your preference.

If you find the pillow too firm, simply remove a small amount to customize it to your needs.

Fabric and production

The product was made mainly with quality in mind. The fabric is 100% satin cotton weaved and printed in Łódź in compliance with the most stringent requirements of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate. It is soft and durable, and the photorealistic print renders every detail and shade remarkably accurate.

Behind each design, there is a different story, and each of them holds its own original surprises. Following the zero waste rule, we try to limit the amount of produced waste to a minimum. That is why every product is cut out from the fabric randomly to save on scrap. It is extremely difficult to find two identical pillowcases or tablecloths with the same elements placed in the same spots.

ECO certificate

The high quality of our products is extremely important to us. This applies not only to what we produce ourselves but also to elements from various subcontractors.

Therefore, we wanted the producer of the buckwheat husk, which we use to fill our pillows, to be able to provide us with appropriate certificates confirming its quality.

The husk we use has an ECO certificate issued by a product certification body in the organic farming system, authorized by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.