Cosmic stories

A few words about the cosmic cooperation that resulted in the pattern of the Northern Sky, which we simply call "Cosmos" in the backstage.

Tempur, NASA and stars

Stars at your fingertips? The North Sky pattern is a real constellation transferred directly to the fabric.

The idea for the pattern was born out of cooperation with the TEMPUR brand, which is a manufacturer of pillows and mattresses using technology developed by NASA. In its production, Tempur pays particular attention to the pressure-reducing material that supports and protects astronauts during launch into space. TEMPUR is also certified by the Space Foundation.

Our collaboration with TEMPUR coincided with NASA's discoveries of identifying seven new planets in the extrasolar system (2017). The cosmos intrigues and fascinates with its secrets, many of which are unlikely to be discovered, which is why the Northern Sky pattern found fans very quickly. We are not surprised! Sleeping among the stars sounds like a dream.

Follow the map

The stars in the North Sky pattern are not a random collection of points. These are the real constellations visible in the sky of the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

A trained eye will spot such constellations as: Gemini, Taurus, Little Dog, Orion, Cancer, Lynx or Chariot. And to make it easier - we attach a map to each set of bedding, which will help you find out which part of the northern sky has caught on your set..

Cosmic photoshoot

Thanks to the courtesy of the FDomes brand from Szczecin, which produces unusual spherical tents, the Northern Sky pattern was photographed in almost otherworldly circumstances.

Matt Damon grew potatoes on Mars in the FDomes tents (in the 2015 movie The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott), so we are pleased that we could take pictures of our star pattern in such surroundings.