POPPIES bed linen - single set

poppies / 1 x duvet cover / 1 x pillowcase

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Poppies and cornflowers

We associate summer with the sea, hot sand and floating of waves. With long nights by the fire, with the soft whispers of the lake behind our backs. With mountain hiking, when a stuffed backpack seems less of a burden, because the views compensate our efforts.

But it is also a time of lazy mornings and afternoons in an idyllic setting. It is when meadows are full of colorful flowers, moved by a gentle wind. It is sun-burnt shoulders, a face sprinkled with freckles and the buzzing of insects that rings in the ears long after the makers of these sounds disappear from our view.

Redness of poppies interspersed with blue cornflowers brings to mind the fondest memories. Blades of grass tickling bare feet, stray ants climbing a calf and the scent of hot soil mixed with the scent of herbs and flowers, the quintessence of lazy summer moments.

Summer meadow

If you like looking for small creatures hidden in our patterns, you will not be disappointed. Watch out for a little bee collecting polllen. But don't worry - we know for a fact that she's very friendly. She has some friends there, hidden between flowers, but you should find them yourself!

Fabric: 100% cotton sateen certified with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Fastening: zip fastener

Pattern: poppies

Single set: 1 x duvet cover / 1 x pillowcase

If dimensions of your duvet or pillow are other than sizes suggested on our web page, please write to us at hello@foonka.store and we will make for you your own special bed linen!

Foonka x Westwing

The idea to create this bold and expressive pattern is the result of cooperation proposed to us by Westwing. It was a project for their 10th birthday. It’s common to give a bouquet of flowers as a birthday gift, right? We decided to bring the whole meadow!

When creating Poppies, we managed to combine the aesthetics which we are known for with the trend of idyllic prints that are entering and present mainly in fashion, and which are an escape from everyday life, a moment of oblivion and a daydream.

Fabric and production

The product was made mainly with quality in mind. The fabric is 100% satin cotton weaved and printed in Łódź in compliance with the most stringent requirements of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate. It is soft and durable, and the photorealistic print renders every detail and shade remarkably accurate.

Behind our each design there is a different story, and each of them holds its own original surprises. Following the zero waste rule, we try to limit the amount of produced waste to the minimum. That is why every our product is cut out from the fabric randomly to save on scrap. It is extremely difficult to find two identical pillow cases or tablecloths with the same elements placed in the same spots.

100% designed and made in Poland EU