SUNRISE - sleep mask

Important! Our sleep masks are sewn from the remnants of the material, so they may differ in shade.

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Short summer nights tempt us not to close our eyes until the very morning. Admiring the waking, still quiet world is entertainment that we rarely allow ourselves to experience, because those precious minutes of sleep are so difficult to catch in everyday busy life. But during summer, when time seems to pass more slowly than during other seasons, it is easier for us to give up dreams in favor of the spectacle offered by heaven when a new day begins.

Still fresh air, but already promising a hot, bright day. Still softly and lazily wrapping in the navy, gently turning into warm orange, but already tempting with the multitude of possibilities of the next day. This is the Sunrise pattern. For the lovers of getting up early and those who would like to see the colors of a summer morning but prefer to stay in the land of Nod at dawn. With this pattern, you can watch the daybreak even in the middle of the night.

For a better sleep

A sleeping mask helps you fall asleep faster and ensures a better sleep.

It blocks unwanted light from your eyes and helps induce a state of pure darkness.

It is the perfect solution both for a nap on the go and for everyday use.

The sleeping mask is appropriately contoured so that it adheres perfectly to the face. The elastic band makes it easy to put on and guarantees the eye mask is kept in place.

Fabric: 100% cotton sateen certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Pattern: sunrise

Fabric and production

The product was made mainly with quality in mind. The fabric is 100% cotton weaved and printed in Łódź in compliance with the most stringent requirements of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate. It is soft and durable, and the photorealistic print renders every detail and shade remarkably accurate.

Sleep masks from SUMMER collection may differ from each other not only due to the shade, but also the combination of colors from a given pattern.

100% designed and made in Poland EU